Paperclip Picasso: new exhibition celebrates office art

A huge online gallery of so-called ‘office art’ is being created as part of the first ever International Office Art Biennale (IOAB). The event will celebrate the artworks that office employees create ‘not always made officially and not necessarily as a part of their everyday duties’.

IOAB defines office art as ‘every non-standard expression of your own ideas, not necessarily related to work duties, but created in the workplace.’ The organisers are particularly interested in the relationships between office objects and the spaces they inhabit.

‘The idea for an exhibition of office art was born during the many never-ending meetings that are an inseparable element of office life,’ said IOAB organiser Krzysztof Biliński. ‘We wanted to create a project associated with art, but which would be inclusive and available for everyone, regardless of their position or work duties.’

Office artists can submit their work through the IOAB website, or on social media using the hashtags #IOAB and #internationalofficeartbiennale.

The dates for the first ever IOAB have yet to be released, although organisers say entrants still have a year to submit their work.