Operas inspire artworks

Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art in Israel is launching an exhibition of artworks inspired entirely by opera productions. OPERART, which opens on 2 November, features works created by seven artists in response to seven upcoming operas.

The operas in question include La Boheme, Don Giovanni and Carmen, all of which will be performed at the Israeli Opera House (IOH) during the coming season. Adi Brenda, Michal Halbin and Gilad Ophir are among the featured artists.

Don Giovanni © Gilad Ophir
Don Giovanni © Gilad Ophir

Photography, collage and painting have all been used for the pieces. Halbin’s Carmen, for example, is a photograph of a bullfighter reclining on a sofa, while Ophir’s Don Giovanni takes a more abstract form.

Commissioned by Israeli Opera, OPERART is on display at Noga until 19 November. It then moves to the lobby of IOH where it will remain for the rest of the 2017-18 season.

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