NZSO records new Hobbit soundtrack

The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra has recorded the soundtrack for the third film in director Peter Jackson’s acclaimed Hobbit trilogy.

The music for The Hobbit: the Battle of The Five Armies was recorded in Wellington’s Town Hall.

Jackson said: ‘We have shared a long and rewarding recording relationship with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra over the years. The journey began back in 2001 when the very first music ever recorded for Howard Shore’s magnificent score for The Lord of the Rings films was completed in Wellington’s Town Hall. Composed for the Fellowship’s journey into the Mines of Moria, the work was beautifully performed by the NZSO and showcased the exceptional acoustics of this over 100-year-old building.

‘It has been a real thrill working with the extraordinary talents of the NZSO in Wellington’s world class auditorium, the Town Hall. This recording space is a rare gem and its acclaimed sound qualities must be preserved for future generations to enjoy.’

NZSO chief executive Christopher Blake said: ‘It is a real privilege for our national orchestra to record Howard Shore’s impressive score in the Wellington Town Hall and have it heard all around the world. The Town Hall has an internationally acclaimed acoustic and is an important centre for the musical culture of both Wellington and New Zealand. It has important historic significance as a performance venue which continues to this day.’

‘The NZSO had considerable experience and skills in recording film soundtracks. Recording film soundtracks requires particular focus and efficiency and our musicians have to play to the highest levels, often under significant time pressures. It’s a demanding and rewarding process.’

Image: NZSO and Pietari Inkinen