NZSO launch vibrant 2014 campaign

A spaghetti food fight, a sphynx cat with a diamante collar, and a levitating woman all feature in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra’s latest marketing campaign.

In collaboration with creative agency and sponsor of four years, The Church, the campaign will be rolled out across multiple channels.

Central to the launch are 16 short videos, one for each of the NZSO’s concert seasons. The videos take inspiration from the themes within the music (for example, a man takes his anger out on the crockery for the ‘Wounded Hearts’ series)  and make use of bespoke props and super slow motion recording.

NZSO's 'Wounded Hearts' concert season
NZSO’s ‘Wounded Hearts’ concert season

The orchestra has also released its first app, which includes over 24 NZSO recordings along with additional content.

‘This campaign has turned heads,’ said NZSO’s head of marketing Thierry Pannetier. ‘It’s certainly a different take and we hope that new audiences of Kiwis will come and try out this art form.’

A micro-site, brochure, and still photos to match each video also form the campaign, which took over four months of planning and production.

The Church’s managing director, Paul Soong, said: ‘I believe this is best marketing campaign in the NZSO’s 67-year history.’

In recent years, the NZSO has become renowned for its innovative use of marketing to draw in new audiences: the 2011 season campaign featured members of the orchestra set against The Hobbit-inspired backdrop of the Shire.

NZSO 2014 season stills
NZSO 2014 season stills