Notre-Dame organ will take four years to clean

Work has begun on restoring Notre-Dame’s grand organ. The project will take four years. It is part of a wider restoration project that is estimated to cost €1bn.

The organ is the largest in France, with 8,000 pipes, five keyboards and 109 stop knobs that control airflow. It was not burned in the 2019 fire, but was covered in soot and toxic lead dust. The extreme humidity and heat of the fire also created issues that need fixing.

“We can’t wait for Notre-Dame and the organ to be restored,” said organist Philippe Lefebvre in an interview with TF1. “There is some kind of magic between this instrument and the place.”

President Emmanuel Macron said he believes the work will be completed in time for the Paris Olympic Games in 2024. He also said he planned on attending the dedication of the organ when the work is finished.