Not-for-profit concert hall set to launch in Chicago

Chicago is getting a new concert hall. Guarneri Hall NFP is a not-for-profit venue, whose goal is to act as a “classical music incubator”.

Darnton & Hersh Fine Violins in Chicago commissioned the 85-seat venue, with acoustics by Threshold Acoustics. It will offer training for ensembles, soloists, teachers and students, as well as education support for local schools.

Said the venue in a press release: “Guarneri Hall NFP [will] present live classical music performances in Guarneri Hall and elsewhere in the city of Chicago. [It will] sponsor music education programmes in the Chicago community, with a special focus on reaching young people with limited access to classical music.”

Facilities include an integrated three-camera high definition video capture system, a Hamburg Steinway Model B grand piano and lighting designed by Schuler Shook Chicago.

Concerts at the hall will be live streamed. In addition, its education resources will be available in both print and digital formats, including tutorial videos.

Guarneri Hall NFP opens on 23 August.