New partnerships for Korean and UK artists

Arts Councils from Korea (ARKO) and England (ACE) are funding a new series of artist partnerships, as part of the UK-Korea 2017-18 cultural season. In total 21 performing and visual arts projects will receive just over €1.6m in grants.

The partnership will see the creation of original art works, a series of long-term exchange and development projects as well as a number of residency and exchange programmes. These include Crying Out Loud, which will link up dance companies in Seoul and London; BALTIC, which will establish residency exchanges for emerging UK and Korean visual artists; and the commission of a new adaptation of Trojan Woman from director Ong Keng Sen, which will be performed by National Changgeuk Company and the National Theatre of Korea as part of LIFT and Brighton Festivals.

ARKO chairperson Park Myung-Jin outlined additional potential benefits for visual artists: ‘A consortium residency among eight pairs of visual arts institutions fostering sustained collaboration, and a joint exhibition at the world’s top art events in Liverpool, Gwangju, Busan and Media City Seoul will no doubt prove a huge contribution to the development of further creative exchanges, and strengthen English and Korean artists’ creative capacity.’

The ARKO-ACE partnership is supported by the British Council in Korea, and is part of a wider €20.6m investment from ACE in international exchange.

‘These awards enable artists, curators and producers in both countries to develop their creative potential and build new international networks,’ concluded Karen Bradley, UK secretary of state for culture, media and sport. ‘As well as creating a legacy of continuing creative collaboration, exchange and export between England and Korea, this programme will support the presentation of exceptional artistic work in both countries.’

More information on UK-Korea 2017-18 can be found through the British Council’s website. |