New funding links art and nature

A new US initiative will celebrate the intersections between art and nature, as part of a grant jointly launched by the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Park Service.

Marking the NEA’s 50th anniversary this year and the NPS’ centennial in 2016, Imagine Your Parks will provide $1m to support projects that use the arts to engage people with memorable places and landscapes.

NEA chair Jan Chu said: ‘Throughout the years, both the Park Service and the Arts Endowment have played a role in promoting and protecting our nation’s cultural and natural treasures. This new NEA Art Works grant opportunity unites our missions to ensure Americans have the opportunity to engage with art in the natural, historic, and cultural settings of the National Park System.’

NPS director Jonathan B Jarvis said: ‘The Park Service has long held a meaningful relationship with the arts community. Building on the success of the National Park Service artists-in-residence and other programmes, ‘Imagine Your Parks’ is a wonderful opportunity to highlight the connections of cultural and natural resources. ‘Imagine Your Parks’ will inspire a new generation to discover the special places saved by the American people so that all may experience our great heritage.’

Photo: Yellowstone National Park © Wikimedia