NEA funds arts, research and community

National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has announced grants for 1,148 projects across all 50 states in America – that adds up to USD82,357,050 (€72.3m) for the arts. In total 13 art disciplines are supported by NEA, along with research and education projects.

Art Works is NEA’s primary programme, and funds projects that stimulate public engagement with art and community development through the arts. 1,002 Art Works grants have been awarded in this funding cycle, which equates to 57 per cent of the total number of applications and just over USD26m.

Explaining the funding allocation, NEA chair Jane Chu said: ‘Approximately 85 percent of NEA grantees are small to medium-sized organisations serving millions of people each year. The arts are all around us and the NEA helps them thrive.’

One of organisations to benefit is ISPA, who received USD15,000 to support its New York 2017 Congress. ISPA’s board chair, Mary Lou Aleskie commented that, ‘2017 represents a watershed year for ISPA as it celebrates its 100th congress. The support of the NEA reflects the maturity of the organisation and indeed the commitment of the leadership of the organisation.’

In addition to direct funding the NEA also partners with state and regional government to support the arts. Partnership funds make up USD50,496,800 of the total and take in 63 partnerships. ‘Through partnership agreements, the NEA extends its reach to every community in America, translating national leadership into local and regional benefit,’ said NEA in a statement.

NEA has also funded 64 schemes as part of its Our Town programme. These grants aim to improve the liveability of communities. 36 states will benefit from Our Town in this cycle, with USD4.3m invested.

Finally, Research: Art Works will invest USD320,000 to support 18 research projects. These projects will collect data on the cognitive and emotional impacts of arts participation.