More musicians are taking out terrorism insurance

There has been a sharp increase in demand for terrorism insurance for musicians, following a series of deadly attacks at music events.

In November 2015 89 people were killed at an Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris. Then in May 2017 a Mariana Grande concert in Manchester was targeted, with 23 dead. The most recent attack took place on 1 October in Las Vegas during a performance by Jason Aldean, with 58 dying and many more injured.

“Not everybody believes it’s necessary,” said Bill Tannenbaum, who represents Grande, in an interview with The Hollywood Post. “I’m pretty vocal about taking it with my clients, and luckily we had it with Ariana Grande.”

Terrorist insurance covers not only the attack itself, but also the subsequent cancellations and other expenses incurred in the aftermath. For example, following the Manchester attack Grande cancelled a number of future tour dates.