Laura Colgate – Six in Sixty

Laura Colgate, Executive/Artistic Director and Co-founder of Boulanger Initiative and Concertmaster of the National Philharmonic, shares her “Six in Sixty”

Early bird or night owl? 

I’ve always been a night owl, and apparently my parents even had a hard time getting me to bed as an infant. Especially post concerts, it takes a long time to get my adrenaline to simmer down, and I have always found my most creative self after everyone else is asleep.  

One routine you swear by? 

Finding time to go camping to escape and unwind each year. Sans electronic devices! 

Can’t travel without…?

Noise canceling headphones! .

Who or what has influenced you most in your career? 

I could name so many people, and I’ve had so many incredible mentors throughout my education, but I think it would have to be my parents. They both showed me how to make lemonade out of lemons, and how to make a positive impact in life. They’ve always been my biggest fans and my first source of support and guidance.

Favourite city and why? 

Impossible to answer! Travelling is one of my deep loves, and I love so many cities all over the world for various reasons. Big Sur is my favourite place to go camping and get away to renew myself, and I always take time to escape for a bit each summer so I’m ready to go for the next season. There’s no cell service in Big Sur so it’s a true escape and I always feel rejuvenated when I come back. 

Guilty pleasure/indulgence?

Good wine! Last summer my partner and I travelled to Tuscany and went down the rabbit hole of Italian and French wines, and this summer we went to Napa and Sonoma for the first time. It’s so indulgent, and I especially love finding new women-run wineries and vineyards.

Laura Colgate is Executive/Artistic Director and Co-founder of Boulanger Initiative (BI), a US non-profit organisation that advocates for women and all gender marginalised composers through performance, education, research, consulting and commissions. Outside of BI, Colgate is Concertmaster of the National Philharmonic.