KMP Artists and Ping Pong Productions launch digital initiative

KMP Artists and Ping Pong Productions (PPP) have launched a joint initiative that will help performers, presenters and companies to share digital content. The move comes as performing arts centres across the world shut down due to COVID-19.

“With global artists’ mobility restrained and performances suspended over the next few months, PPP and KMP Artists will work with artists and presenters with options to offer content over the internet through media platforms that are compatible with internet challenges in different countries,” said KMP founder Kristopher McDowell.

PPP has already run six live streaming events for Mainland Chinese audience since 14 February, while KMP artist Mummenschanz shared a live stream of its show you & me on 16 and 17 March.

Added McDowell: “While we recognize that experiencing a performance on a laptop, smartphone or smart TV may seem unusual, the many calls for physical distancing make this one of the only options for the performing arts in the coming weeks.”

Working together KMP and PPP will offer a variety of services to support digital performances including live streaming tutorials, audience development strategies and data tracking.

To receive more information on the initiative email Kristopher McDowell or PPP director Mengtong Guan. |