Kate Simko releases atmospheric new track

Composer Kate Simko and her all-female London-based string ensemble London Electronic Orchestra has just released a track from their debut album. Simko is a Chicago native and a classically trained pianist, having studied at Royal College of Music.

Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra is released on 6 May on The Vinyl Factory – home to artists like Air, David Lynch, David Byrne and Grace Jones. It includes collaborations with DJ Jamie Jones and pop singer Katy B LEO as well as re-workings of songs from The xx and Parra For Cuva.

Check out track Shikoku below, which mixes eerie atmospherics with modern beats and traditional strings.


‘To me DJ’ing is live composition,’ said Simko, when asked about her transition from classical to electronic music. ‘It’s an improvisation. You’re choosing music for the moment. And that spontaneity is channeled into London Electronic Orchestra.’

Kate Simko & LEO solo

Simko and her group play in Paris on 15 April, Lyon on 7 May, Berlin on 15 May and London on 28 May.