Intercultural Leadership Institute gives USD5m to support artists of colour

The Intercultural Leadership Institute (ILI) is distributing USD5m (€4.2m) to organisations working with artists of colour in the US. The money comes courtesy of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and will help the recipients to recover from COVID-19 losses.

Launched in 2017, each year the ILI provides a “year-long intensive leadership experience for artists, culture bearers and other arts practitioners…[ILI] seeks to challenge dominant social norms while honouring differences of histories, traditions, vocabulary and more.”

The recipients are Alternate ROOTS, First Peoples Fund, National Association of Latino Arts & Cultures, PA’I Foundation and Sipp Culture. These organisations will then distribute the money amongst the communities they work with.

“The ability to re-grant to the people we support as well as other folks in our region, who are the most impacted by the pandemic is critical right now,” said Alternate ROOTS executive director Michelle Ramos.

“Since the COVID outbreak in March, we’ve prioritized supporting our communities above everything else we do. This support helps all of us extend the reach and sustainability of the people who will tell the story of these transformative times.”

Added Andrew W. Mellon Foundation president Elizabeth Alexander: “The urgent need to address the profound distress that many of these exceptional individuals and organisations are experiencing as the pandemic continues impelled us to work quickly in partnership with ILI to fund the Crisis Relief Grants programme.

“We’re delighted that these grants will offer immediate financial relief to dynamic arts and culture leaders throughout the United States.”