Incoming: IAM ‘Women in the Arts’ special

As per our previous call-out and update posts, we’ve spent the last couple of weeks tackling the fantastic number (and range) of responses from all kinds of people across the sector – so many of you contacted us to suggest interviewees and contributors for our upcoming ‘Women in the Arts’ special focus issue of IAM.

The issue will be going to press next week, but as a tiny taster until then, here are a few things we’ve been told by various female arts professionals and managers in just the last few days:

Jane Gower‘I am most certainly a principal bassoonist by nature and inclination. Early on in my career this was a huge problem for orchestras who wanted to hire me; many male players would refuse to play second bassoon’
– Jane Gower, musician, Concerto Copenhagen and others

Hannah Kendall‘As far as I’m aware, I’ve never been discriminated against due to my gender. It may seem strange in a male-dominated profession, but I might’ve been unknowingly passed-up for opportunities due to something called Unconscious Bias…’
– Hannah Kendall, composer

Jessica Ferey‘What’s clear from my research is that gender imbalance is considerably more noticeable in the largest institutions with bigger budgets, and a significant pay gap exists at those levels’
– Jessica Ferey, founder, Equalarty web resource

Elizabeth Newman‘The age question is interesting… Growing up is the thing we all have in common, and I imagine the people commenting on it are thinking about themselves when they were my age’
– Elizabeth Newman, artistic director, Bolton Octagon theatre

Anne-Kari Ravn‘I have never in my previous jobs, or with this company, seen it as an advantage or disadvantage being a woman. The professionally led organisations here do not see gender as a qualification in itself’
– Anne-Kari Ravn, business manager, Dansk Danseteater

Hanna Styr­mis­dót­tir‘Women’s fight for equality during the last century was often met by fierce hostility and it is important not to lose sight of the fact that these rights were gained through great sacrifices’
– Hanna Styrmisdóttir, artistic director, Reykjavik Arts Festival


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