IFACCA: cultural leadership at the crossroads

IFACCA is hosting its seventh world summit in Malta this October, under the theme ‘At the crossroads? Cultural leadership in the 21st century.’ The conference runs from 18-21 October in the Maltese capital Valetta.

‘It is an important platform, where CEOs and ministers of culture can come together and debate how to tackle global issues and topics,’ said IFACCA deputy director Magdalena Moreno Mujica in an interview with IAM.

‘The goal is to bring people together so you can find something out from someone who is so far removed from yourself that you wouldn’t otherwise come into contact with them. You find out that these people and ideas and knowledge are relevant to you and your work.’

Speakers named so far include National Endowment for the Arts chair Jane Chu, Bangladeshi photographer and human rights activist Shahidul Alam, On the Move secretary general Marie Le Sourd, Australian artist Kelli McCluskey, and Arab Fund for Culture director Oussama Rifahi.

Added Mujica: ‘We will also be streaming all the sessions for the first time ever, which means even if you can’t attend you can still take part.’

After the registration and opening ceremony the summit is split into three sections: reaching the crossroads, looking ahead and moving forward. These will look at the past, present and future of cultural leadership respectively.

IFACCA’s 7th World Summit on Arts and Culture is now open for registration via the summit website.