Heading to Edinburgh Festival Fringe? 10 stories to help you survive the fray



With rates for hotel rooms going through the roof – and literally thousands of shows to see – how do you make the most of a trip to EFF? Elizabeth Logan rounds up the stories from the web.

1. How and where to get tickets for your favourite shows: A guide on how to pick up tickets to your favourite shows, where to go for bargains, and whether you need to pick up tickets at all. – The Daily Record

2. Theatre producers’ unbreakable rules for the Edinburgh fringe: Fringe theatre impresarios spill the beans on how to produce a successful Edinburgh show. – The Guardian

3. The 50 best shows to see at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival and Fringe: A comprehensive guide of the best shows at the Fringe, including comedy, theatre, music and more. – The Telegraph

4. How to experience the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on a budget: 10 helpful tips to cut down on accommodation, food, and ticket costs.- Skyscanner

5. The best free shows and events at the Edinburgh Fringe: A guide to events and festivals that are off the beaten track, high-quality, and most importantly, free. – The Daily Record

6. Foul-mouthed puppets, sexy Siamese striplets and nine other weird shows you need to see this year: If you’re looking for something a bit more left-field, here’s a summary of the more ‘fringe’ shows at this year’s Fringe, including a virtual spacewalk and a play in a crashed car. – Mirror 

7. Brexit and the Edinburgh fringe: ‘Selfishly, it was a bit of a godsend’: How some acts have changed their acts entirely in the wake of Brexit, with interviews from acclaimed comedians Bridget Christie and Al Murray. –  The Guardian 

8. 21 unmissable shows for kids and their families: A round-up of the best family-friendly shows from across the world. – The Guardian 

9. Non-UK artists at Edinburgh: ‘It’s the world’s biggest arts festival. Nothing can match it’ A long-form feature exploring fringe theatre from across the world in Edinburgh, and beyond. – The Stage

10. 10 top tips for survival: A handy survival guide from comedy critic and seasoned festival-goer Mark Monaghan, full of canny insider tips. – The Telegraph