Gianandrea Noseda resigns from Teatro Regio Torino

Gianandrea Noseda has resigned as music director of Teatro Regio Torino. His decision came after Walter Vergnano was replaced as superintendent by William Graziosi.

Graziosi’s previous roles include a stint at Baltimore Opera, which went into administration during his tenure.

“The recent actions taken by the board of the Teatro Regio Torino are disappointing and disheartening,” said Noseda in a statement. “The fact that the quality, which has propelled the theatre on the international scene, has not been taken in due consideration provides a clear indication to me that there is no interest to share a common vision for the future of the Teatro Regio Torino.”

In addition to Graziosi’s appointment, Noseda also took exception to the cancellation of a planned 2019 US tour. That trip would have seen the company perform at Harris Theater in Chicago, Carnegie Hall in New York City and The Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

Continued Noseda: “Once again, I thank the incredible artists of the orchestra and the chorus, the stage technicians, all the workshops workers and the staff members who shared a common vision for the Teatro Regio Torino. We have produced so much great art together and this will remain forever in the history of the house, as well as in our personal histories.”

He added that he will honour his summer commitments with the company, including appearances at Montreux Festival, Stresa Festival and MITO Festival.