Game of Thrones fans theatre furore

Game of Thrones fans ruined a recent production of Jamie Lloyd’s Doctor Faustus – so says theatre producer Richard Jordan, who spilled his spleen in a comment piece for The Stage. The production attracted a large number of Game of Thrones fans thanks to the presence of heartthrob Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow in the TV series.

‘A couple saw nothing wrong in producing from their bag a box of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets and a large side of fries,’ said Jordan. ‘At the interval, they had popped out and purchased these to consume through the second half.’

Alas, for Jordan the nightmare didn’t end with nuggets: ‘The couple to my left ate their way through a large tub of popcorn during Act I, while the couple on my right chomped through a packet of crisps. It was like listening to eating in Dolby Stereo.’

Clearly not impressed by the fact that Harington’s presence brought new audiences to the theatre, Jordan went on to complain about talking and the use of mobile phones to record video and take pictures.

Harington though has defended the audience, stating in an interview with The Guardian: ‘I am afraid that if the theatre is going to die of anything it will be from exactly this type of stereotyping and prejudice aimed towards a new and younger generation of theatregoers.’

He added the audience had been ‘hugely enthusiastic, energised and responsive,’ throughout the run, and pointed out that almost all productions now have to deal with occasional picture taking.

Doctor Faustus ran from 26 April to 25 June at Duke of York’s Theatre, London.