Frida Kahlo to get the Broadway musical treatment

Iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo to get the Broadway treatment in 2024. The late painter will be the subject of Frida, The Musical, a new production sanctioned by the Frida Kahlo estate and partially based on the book Intimate Frida by Kahlo’s niece Isolda P Kahlo.

The musical is scheduled to hit Broadway sometime in 2024, following workshops across regional theatres that will take place throughout 2023. Mexican composer Jaime Lozano will write the music for the show and playwright Neena Beber will work on the lyrics.

“Frida still has so much to teach us, and I am thrilled at the chance to honor her life and her work through this most expressive medium,” said producer Valentina Berger in an official statement. “Her spirit is very much alive in our young creative team, who continually dazzle me with their big creative swings and mind-bending talent.”

According to its synopsis, the musical will explore Kahlo’s life and career from Mexico City to Paris and New York, culminating in her death aged 47 in 1954.

Commentators have said that the artist’s estate’s involvement should ensure the musical’s historical accuracy.

“We are deeply moved that this show will allow audiences around the world to get to know Frida as so much more than just an artist,” said Mara Romeo, the head of the Kahlo Family Foundation. “Full of joy, ahead of her time and steeped in the culture of Mexico, she was a woman driven by an unending passion for life. I hope that this show inspires women everywhere to have the courage to fight for their dreams.”

Further details are expected shortly.