5 orchestra flash mobs

From surprising passengers at a train station to livening up an otherwise dull flight, orchestras have been getting in on the flash mob act. The spontaneous light-hearted performances let audiences see that most orchestras are far from stuffy and elitist. Here’s five of our favourites.

1. Vallès Symphony Orchestra, Spain

A little girl drops some coins in the hat of a seemingly ordinary street performer and really gets her money’s worth.

2. Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Australia

This flash mob down under gives commuters the chance to be the maestro.

3. Volksoper Vienna, Austria

Passers-by and flower sellers burst into song at a Vienna train station.

4. Savaria Symphony Orchestra, Hungary

The musicians in this not-so-impromptu flash mob make some very unusual entrances.

5. Philadelphia Orchestra, China

Philly musicians decide to lighten the mood of fellow passengers on this grounded flight from Beijing.