Eesti Kontsert explores ancient games

As part of the country’s 100th anniversary celebrations, Eesti Kontsert are presenting a new show based on ancient games. Eesti mängud. TÖNK tells the story of how games have had a huge role in the development of human society, encouraging experimentation, play and social bonding.

“Why did our usually quite rational ancestors decide to spend their hard-earned energy on pointless endeavours in winter?” states a company press release. “What do our folk games say about our society, dreams, or loneliness?”

Sigismund von Krahl wrote the show, which features music from folk trio Trad.Attack! and direction by Peeter Jalakas of Von Krahl Theatre. The premiere performance on 10 June takes place at Tartu Raadi Airplane Hangar.

“I like old games, because those were played with due seriousness,” said Jalakas. “People were not messing around, but played games and roles.”