Dresden Music Festival promotes emerging artists

A new platform that supports emerging artists has been launched by Dresden Music Festival.

Bohème 2020 will bring together artists from a variety of countries and disciplines to present their work and connect with industry professionals.

The artists chosen for the project are: Caroline Goulding (pictured, violinist, US); Tung-Yen Chou (video artist, Taipei); Judith Michael (fine artist, Dresden); Altamasch Noor and Carolin Wedler (performing artists, Hamburg); Theresa Hahl (literature, Bochum);  Marita Matzk (dance, Dresden).

Jan Vogler, the festival’s director said: ‘[The artists] will potentially show us new directions and add another, unusual dimension to our programme with their creative energy. The exchange between the various art forms seems to me particularly important, and it is this aspect that inspired the romantic name Bohème 2020 for our new project.’

Whilst this new aspect of the festival programme will allow emerging professionals to network with leading industry names, Bohème 2020 will also open up participants’ artistic processes to the general public. Audiences will be invited to interact with the artists’ rehearsals at Volkswagen’s Gläserne Manufaktur, both in person and via social media.

Bohème 2020 forms part of the festival’s overall theme, Golden 20s, which will see a celebration of work from five centuries of music. The line-up includes performances from Daniel Barenboim, Thomas Hampson, Anoushka Shankar, and the Mark Morris Dance Group.

The Mahler Chamber Orchestra, led by Daniele Gatti, will lead a tribute concert to the late conductor Claudio Abbado on 9 June in the city’s Frauenkirche.

Dresden Music Festival will take place from 23 May – 10 June.