Deliveroo offers doorstop monologues in Edinburgh

Deliveroo is teaming up with Bedlam Theatre to offer doorstep monologues during this year’s Edinburgh Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The monologues are given at no extra cost, simply by placing #EdinburghBinge in the order notes.

Monologues will delivered by members of Bedlam Theatre, a student run venue in the city centre. Edinburgh University Theatre Company actors will perform a work inspired by Shakespeare, titled Ham-let: To Eat or Not to Eat.

“Edinburgh is known for its sell-out shows across the city during the fringe and we don’t want anyone to miss out,” said Deliveroo head of consumer communications Joe Groves. “Immersive dining is so popular, we thought: ‘Why can’t we deliver drama as well as mouth-watering meals to enhance the dining experience for our customers?’”

Any tips will go towards the running costs of Bedlam Theatre. |