Creative Industries Federation report on Brexit

Creative Industries Federation (CIF) – the new industry body representing the UK creative sector – has released its first report on Brexit. The 73-page document details how Brexit could affect creative businesses and how it believes the government should act to support the sector.

The report’s suggestions include a new visa system to encourage the movement of talented workers, a greater emphasis on teaching creative skills such as animation in schools, and an audit of funding in the creative sector to ensure there is not a shortfall after Brexit.

CIF chief executive John Kampfner said: ‘The challenge is to seize the opportunity sectors in the British economy and prioritise them in future trade deals and in the new industrial strategy. This is the fastest growing sector of the UK economy and includes all the things that Britain is famous for – from our music to our films, television and heritage.

‘We want to work with government to safeguard the jobs, the revenues and the prestige the creative sector offers…this report produces initial recommendations and explains how the UK’s creative sector currently engages with EU so that sensible decisions can be made.’

CIF held 11 meetings across the country to gather evidence for the report, which includes the input of more than 500 contributors. It has been presented to Karen Bradley, secretary of state for Culture, Media and Sport, and Greg Clark, secretary of state for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.