Creative Europe plans for life after Brexit

Creative Europe Desk UK is organising a series of workshops that will address the UK’s impending exit from the European Union. Titled ‘Staying Together with Creative Europe’ the Brexit events are specifically targeted at those working in the audiovisual sector and are hosted at BFI Southbank.

A Creative Europe press release states: “With one year left until the UK formally withdraws from the European Union, we are asking leading voices from the European audiovisual industry to explore what the phrase ‘We are leaving the European Union but we are not leaving Europe’ might mean for UK audiovisual professionals looking to internationalise their careers and expand their networks.”

‘A Deep and Special Relationship’ (25 April) looks at European opportunities for writers and directors, and examines how scripts can be developed for the international market, while ‘No Deal is Better than a Bad Deal’ (24 May) sees experts share their insights on film distribution in Europe.

A third session titled ‘A Truly Global Britain’ on 5 July looks at the possibilities beyond European borders, and asks how it can bring “producers closer to those in emerging markets such as Africa, China and Latin America.”