Creative Europe announces Culture-Cooperation funding recipients

Creative Europe has announced the latest recipients of its Culture-Cooperation funding. The fund was set up to support the circulation of cultural and creative works and artists across international borders.

Applicants could either apply for up to €200,000 for small-scale projects or up to €2,000,000 for large-scale ones. The funding could account for 60% of the total budget in the small-scale category and 50% in the large-scale.

Projects funded include I Will Be Everything by New International Encounter, Sing Outside The Box by Estonian Choral Association, Sounds of Changes by Flygvapenmuseum and KIDSCAN by JAZZDANMARK

Creative Europe states that the funding will “develop skills, competences and know-how”, “test innovative approaches to audience development” and “stimulate interest in, and improve access to, European cultural and creative works”.

In total €35 million has been awarded in the latest round of funding.