Colorado Symphony will go ahead with cannabis concerts

The Colorado Symphony has been forced to rethink its ‘Classically Cannabis’ concert series following an official warning from the local government.

The ‘bring-your-own marijuana’ fundraising events had initially been open to the public, but have since been re-billed by the Symphony as invitation-only.

Whilst the use and licensed sale of marijuana has been legal in Denver since January, its open and public use is prohibited.

In a letter to the orchestra, the City of Denver warned that the organisation would be held accountable for any violations of the law. Although the event had been arranged in a privately-owned gallery, it explained the venue could be deemed a public space by the state.

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Following a consultation with the City Attorney, the orchestra decided to close ticket sales to the general public and instead sell tickets through a VIP list via its promoter, Edible Events.

The concerts, which are sponsored by the legal marijuana industry, are intended to raise funds for the orchestra as well as reach out to younger audiences.

Beginning on 23 May, the three-event series will include also a hosted bar and menus from local food suppliers.

Image: © Colorado Symphony