Classical:NEXT moves Innovation Award online

Classical:NEXT might be postponed, but its Innovation Award is going ahead – only now, in online form.

“True to our experimental spirit, Classical:NEXT is trying something new,” said the organisers in a statement, “we’re taking the 2020 Innovation Award online!”

The concept remains largely the same, with 10 projects from around the world nominated for the award. The three recipients will be decided by C:N delegates, who have voted online for their favourite project.

“Where there’s innovation there’s imagination, and where imagination reaches the public domain, there’s inspiration,” added the C:N team.

Nominated projects this year included a new opera capacity developing scheme in Brazil created by Flavia Furtado; a project that is finding ecologically sustainable materials for instruments from makers Partones (Finland); and Composing Women, a composition project for women led by Liza Lim and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Other nominees are Against the Grain Theatre (Canada), kultursegel (Germany), Nevis Ensemble (UK), Matt Peacock (UK), Récupscène (France), Tapio Lokki’s and Aalto University School of Science (Finland) and Splendor Amsterdam (Netherlands).

The Innovation Award ceremony will be broadcast on 20 May 2020 at 15:00 CET (13GMT).