Boston Symphony Orchestra musicians agree pay cut

Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) has agreed to a new deal with its musicians. The headline statistic is that the musicians will see their pay cut by 37% for the first year of the contract.

However, salaries could rise again, “as the BSO redevelops sustainable revenue, as clearly defined in the terms of the new contract.” The contract went into effect on 24 August and runs until 23 August, 2023.

Other items of interest in the contract include a new BSO Resident Fellowship Program for early career orchestra musicians from historically underrepresented populations; and new definitions of what counts as BSO work in order to include things like digital performances.

BSO president and CEO Mark Volpe, BSO Players Committee chair James Markey, and president of the Boston Musicians Association Patrick Hollenbeck released a joint statement:

“The BSO’s new labour agreement reflects our collective understanding of the major challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the devastating financial losses due to the cancellation of the BSO’s performance and event schedule, March-November.

“By addressing these challenges on the compensation level, as well as in several other areas, the BSO’s new labour agreement acknowledges the part the musicians are playing in the overall cost-saving measures to ensure the BSO emerges from the pandemic as a vibrant and essential institution for its loyal music community.”