Atelier heads to China

On 17 October 44 young arts professionals will gather in Shanghai for the first Atelier for Young Festival and Cultural Managers. Organised by The Festival Academy – part of the European Festivals Association network – it will focus on skill development and promoting a dialogue between Chinese and EU arts managers.

The Atelier is organised in cooperation with the Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival, with support from the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China and the European Commission.

During the event, participants will discuss various aspects of festival and cultural management with a panel of more than 10 global arts experts. Ismail Mahomed (CEO of Market Theatre Foundation, South Africa) and Jinghui Meng (artistic director and founder of Wuzhen Theatre Festival, China) will deliver keynote addresses.

Other experts include Robyn Archer (strategic advisor to Gold Coast Arts and Culture, Australia), Nele Hertling (former vice-president of Academy of Arts Berlin, Germany), Mark Ball (associate artistic director of Manchester International Festival, UK), Hongming Lin (professor and dean of Art Management Department, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China), and Rongjun Yu (vice president at SMG Shanghai Performing Arts Group, China).

“We strongly believe that in a fast changing world, the festival and cultural sector face new challenges that the coming generations of festival directors and cultural professionals have to meet, exploring innovative cultural pathways,” commented Catherine J Wang, president of the Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival. “In this context, initiatives such as the Atelier for Young Festival and Cultural Managers are crucial.” |