.ART domain launched

A new top-level domain dedicated to the arts has been launched, with several high-profile organisations adopting the suffix. .ART web addresses will now be used by institutions including Guggenheim Museum, Centre Pompidou and Tate galleries.

More than 60 museums and arts organisations have signed up to use the .ART domain, with some migrating their existing websites while others are launching new sites specifically for the address.

‘.ART provides a new way for the art world to identify online,’ explained .ART CEO John Matson. ‘The domain is short, simple, memorable, and has immediate association with the arts.’

Benoît Parayre, director of communications and partnerships at Centre Pompidou, commented: ‘A domain name for the art world has been long overdue and will now allow many cultural industry leaders, museums, art centres, galleries and collectors to have more relevant domain names to promote their collections and programming.’

.ART domain names will be available for registration to professional members of the art world from February 2017.