Anonymous donor creates COVID commission

The Australian Music Centre (AMC) has announced a new AUD5,000 (€3,000) commission. The MOMENTUM Commission is designed to help struggling composers through the COVID crisis.

Created by a donation from an anonymous female Australian composer, the award is open to “composers/creators who don’t have ongoing employment, or a regular income” and who already have “developed a significant body of work over some time”. They must also be an existing AMC member.

“The MOMENTUM Commission offers practical support to a composer to forge forward during these uncertain times with the essential work of creating art,” said AMC in a statement. “The commission recognises that resilience and positive momentum are integral to creative process, and provides a breathing and thinking space within which the work of art may continue to flourish.”

Composers must submit a proposal for their new piece by 21 August, with the work then completed by early 2021.

In an interview with Limelight Magazine, AMC CEO John Davis said that the anonymous donor: “has benefited from such support in the past, and feels that having the luxury of spending some time in reflection and creative work enabled her to further develop her creative voice in substantial and meaningful ways”.

Full details on how to apply are on the AMC website.