Alain Paré outlines CINARS Web programme

As CINARS prepares for its CINARS Web digital programme, we caught up with president and executive director Alain Paré to find out what is in store. 

IAM: What elements have carried over from the normal CINARS programme to the digital version?

Alain Paré: CINARS Web is new event created to maintain the link between artistic companies and presenters – it is still a meeting place for the international performing arts community. The CINARS Biennale is postponed to May 2021, and all of its programme stays as it is.

With CINARS Web, we wanted create a new event with its own programme. We have sent a new call for applications for pitch sessions and our jury chose 24 pitches from all around the world. The same goes for the showcases.

IAM: What new elements, programmes and ideas have you added? 

Alain Paré: The main thing for this event is our new digital platform. We know it is tough to stay focussed for a long time when you’re in a Zoom meeting. So we wanted to get past this and offer a “real” experience.

All attendees will be connected to one platform, CINARS Web. From there, they will be able to attend all activities. They will also have access to a virtual exhibition hall and, with an algorithm will suggest people that might be suitable for you to meet. We really want to create opportunities for artistic companies to meet the right presenters interested by their shows.

With CINARS Web you can discover inspiring new projects, meet professionals to share ideas with, and discuss our common future.

IAM: What are the opportunities of a digital CINARS, and how are you embracing these? 

Alain Paré: The main opportunity here is the accessibility. Wherever you are, you can access CINARS Web – there’s no need to come to Montreal. Some artists and presenters who do not have access to the biennale because of distance or money can now access CINARS Web.

Our programme also takes into consideration all time zones. Wherever you are, you will have a programme to watch live. If you missed something, you will have access to some replay as well.

IAM: Talk us through some programme highlights – what should we look out for?

Alain Paré: We have so many things we can’t wait for you to see then it is a bit tough to choose one! All our conference sessions are organised with great partners and will be focused on a variety of disciplines. In particular, I think our conference focused on cultural diversity might be a really inspiring!

Our showcases will be followed with an interview with the artistic team. Our pitch sessions might be really good as well this year – we received more than 150 projects and our jury chose the best 24.

Last but not least, our opening session is with a really important partner of worldwide renown. It’s still a surprise right now, but we will announce this at the end of the month.

CINARS Web runs from 9-13 November 2020.