Adelaide Fringe 2020 opens registration for professional networking series

Industry registrations for Adelaide Fringe’s fifth Honey Pot programme are now open. The Australian international marketplace is a chance for delegates to see shows on the Fringe and meet artists with a view to securing future bookings.

Diversity opportunities are supported by the Australian government, whose Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade has awarded three DFAT grants to bring in key industry delegates from Korea, Japan and Asia in 2020.

In the five years since its launch the scheme has intensified opportunities for Australian talent. The 2019 edition of Honey Pot drew 256 delegates from 26 countries, securing deals to the tune of AUD4m (€2.5m), to date (Sep 2019). An impressive 200 interstate and international touring and performance opportunities were secured as a direct result of the scheme, of which 55% were bookings for artists to perform in Australia, while 45% of deals were for international appearances.

Adelaide Fringe creative director and CEO, Heather Croall, said: “The meetings we set up in the Honey Pot lead to touring deals and long-term relationships between artists, venues and festivals around Australia and the world. The Honey Pot marketplace is a way for [us]… to support artists year-round, not just during the month of Fringe. It is amazing to see how the Honey Pot has built capacity for so many artists; it creates earning (and learning) opportunities for them year on year. The Honey Pot platform is strengthening creative industries in Australia and beyond.”

Honey Pot is open to programmers, festivals, producers, bookers, talent scouts, venue owners, film and television producers, tourism industry, and just about anyone who is looking to connect with Fringe artists to discuss future bookings.

Registrations to be a Honey Pot Industry Delegate are open until 13 December via Adelaide Fringe’s AVR platform.

The next edition of Adelaide Fringe will take place from 14 March to 15 February 2020.