20 Questions: printmaker Stuart Duffin

Name: Stuart Duffin

Occupation: Artist (printmaker, painter and educator)

Age: 55

Place of birth: UK

Main workplace: I’m split between Glasgow Print Studio, Jerusalem Print Workshop and my own studio at home in Scotland

Current project: I’m working towards a solo exhibition of etchings and mezzotint engravings (titled Reason or Revelation) to be shown in Jerusalem next year

Most important tool as an artist: My collection of antique mezzotint rocking tools in conjunction with my razor sharp scraper

Favourite app: That app that orders pizza…

Thing you couldn’t live without: Photoshop…no going back now!

Artists or cultural figures who have most influenced you: The classical music of Scots composer Malcolm Lindsay has always been influential on both my work and my state of mind (while working!). Other than that I am less influenced by artists and more by environments, places, circumstances and experiences

Who you’d like to collaborate with: I would love to collaborate with the dynamic artist Daria Zapala again, maybe on cross media printmaking. We both use digital media in conjunction with other traditional techniques, so the idea of emailing images to each other to play about with and then returning them for more manipulation/development sounds like fun

Favourite movie of this year: The Imitation Game

On your playlist right nowMalcolm Lindsay‘s new CD After the Snow which I collaborated on. It’s out in February 2015 and features orchestral and chamber music with the RSNO and some of the UK’s finest chamber musicians. I also have a ton of jazz and drum n bass

Your work in three words: Shalom, Salaam, Peace (alternatively, forgiveness, compassion, co-existence)

Biggest challenge to date: It has to be staying sane and at peace in the midst of a manic world and not using that pizza app too often

Emerging talent to watch out for: I think any emerging visual artist that is willing to learn how to draw (in any form or style) should be given due credit. Then they can turn to whatever they want with genuine authority

Proudest moment: Any moment I realise I am the dad of a doctor (my daughter) and an architect (my son)

Next big thing: WW3

Advice for your younger self: Growing OLD is mandatory – growing UP is optional

Where you want to be in 10 years: Still out running on a darkening rainy evening…heaven

Main image: Stuart Duffin’s Of Order of Chaos